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Local Office Cleaning Services For Your Business

Local Office Cleaning Services For Your Business

Local Office Cleaning Services For Your Business

It is important to maintain cleanliness if you own or run a workplace in a building. It is where Combat Cleaning LLC comes in. We offer professional local office cleaning services to make sure that your office building always looks its best. We have worked in the Wisconsin area for a long time. No matter how big or small your cleaning needs are, we are sure that we can give you the good service you want. 

Please contact us today at (843) 694-7248 to schedule a free meeting. To learn more, visit our frequently asked questions page. You can also see how happy our clients are on our customer reviews page. We look forward to helping you keep your business clean and healthy.

What To Look For In A Local Office Cleaning Service?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are one of the offices that requires cleaning.

  • Make sure that the company is insured and bonded. It will protect you in case anything goes wrong while they’re cleaning your workplace. 
  • Ensure they use eco-friendly products that will not harm your employees or the earth. 
  • Affordable rates without compromising on quality. Make sure you know what you’re getting for your money before you sign any contracts.
  • A complete range of services that you can customize to your specific needs 
  • Flexible scheduling options to fit your busy schedule 
  • A team of highly trained and professional cleaners who are dedicated to their work 
  • A commitment to customer satisfaction 
  • A wide range of services that you can tailor to your specific needs. 

Workplace cleaning services can help keep your workplace clean and looking good. Finding a reputable and reliable service is important so your workplace always looks great.

How Much Do Office Cleaning Services Cost?

The cost depends on the size and status of your workplace and how often you need them. Usually, the cleaning costs between $50 and $200 per month. If your place is bigger or dirtier, you may have to pay more each month for the service.

You may have to pay more if you need service more than once a week. To know the office cleaning services prices, contact a local provider. Contact us right away! We offer a free quote for your cleaning service needs.

5 Signs Your Office Needs Professional Cleaning Services

Even if you have a great team, things can go wrong if your workplace is not good. After all, space reflects the image of your business and can impact your client’s view. This article will give you the details you need to know about workplace cleaning.

Workplace Cleanliness Prevents Germ Spread
Workplace Cleanliness Prevents Germ Spread

1. Germs Are Spreading

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to workplace cleanliness. The most important thing is to make sure that your place is clean for the safety of your workers. 

The average workplace has more than 500 different types of bacteria. People touch surfaces like door handles, keyboards, and phones an average of 16 times per hour. That’s how illnesses like colds and the flu spread in offices.

Professional services can help to reduce the spread of germs in your workplace. They will clean the high-touch areas and make sure that your space is arranged. It will not only help to keep your workers healthy, but it can also improve yield and morale.

2. Bathrooms Are Starting To Look Dingy

It is very important to keep the restrooms in your office clean. They need to be clean for your employees and pleasant for your clients. If the restrooms in your office get dirty, it can make your company look bad.

Bathrooms can be kept clean with the help of an expert. They know what products to use and how to get rid of tough stains and buildup. They can also help keep soap scum, mildew, and mold from building up.

It is a good idea to hire a cleaning service for your office bathroom. 

It will make your company look good and make your staff and employers happy.

3. Workers Complain About Being Sick

Are your employees always getting sick? If this is the case, you might want to start hiring a company that will clean your office. A clean and well-kept office is important for a group of people to work well together. 

Not every business makes cleaning a top priority. Because of this, their employees often get sick from things you could have avoided.

There are many benefits to hiring a good cleaning service. One of the most important benefits is that it can help your employees stay healthy. Studies show that people are less likely to call in sick when they work in clean offices.

It is because professional cleaners know how to clean and disinfect an office in the right way. So, bacteria and viruses are less likely to spread, and so are diseases among your workers.

Do not worry about the prices or the cost. You should know that it will save you money in the long run. Spending money on cleaning services will pay for itself. It will make your business more active, and it will make you more money. 

Also, a clean office shows that your business is run expertly. People who might do business with you will be more likely to do so if they see that you care about how your office looks.

4. Clients Are Complaining

Your clients say that your office is dirty and looks tactless. They say the floors are sticky, the windows are dirty, and the bathrooms are gross. You can keep your office clean and nice with the help of an expert. A cleaning service costs less than losing clients because your office is not clean.

Customers and clients think your business is more credible if your office is clean. First impressions count, and new clients may not take you seriously if your office is messy. Hiring an expert cleaner is the best way to make sure your office always looks its best. It shows that your business succeeds and is professional.

5. You Have A Lot Going On And Need Help

You’re busy and need some help. Juggling work, family, and social life is hard enough. But when you come home to a messy house, it just makes everything harder. That’s why it’s a good idea to get help from a cleaning service. They can take care of the cleaning for you, so you have more time to focus on the things that are important to you.

Professionals can help with that. They can clean everything for you, so you do not have to worry about it. And they can do it without making your life hard. Also, it is a great way to clean up your house before you sell it.

Contact Your Local Office Cleaning Provider
Contact Your Local Office Cleaning Provider

What Services Do Commercial Cleaners Provide?

Commercial cleaners do a lot of different things for businesses. It includes office cleaning, janitorial work, cleaning the windows, and other similar tasks. They are in charge of making sure the place is clean and well-run. 

In addition to these services, they may also remove trash and clean carpets. Most of the time, commercial cleaners work during normal business hours. But, they may also be available for appointments after hours or on the weekend.

If you want to know the Office Cleaning Prices, you can contact us and ask your inquiries.

Combat Cleaning LLC Services

  • Vacuuming/s Sweeping
  • scrubbing hard surfaces
  • general surface dusting
  • As needed, clean all surfaces.
  • Glass surfaces (excluding windows)
  • Gather common waste and recyclables.
  • Floors, counters, sinks, and toilets in restrooms
  • Surfaces that are frequently touched.

Deep Cleaning

  • Dust and sanitize all hard-to-reach areas 
  • Clean and sanitize all walls and windowsills.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces. 
  • Disinfect all high-risk areas.
  • transferring items to vacuum/ sweep/ mop
  • All restroom floors must be swept/ mopped.
  • Deep cleaning procedures include both standard and non-standard.

Specialty Cleaning

We know that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to cleaning. What you think of as normal for your building may not be normal for most other places. Our team is flexible and can handle changes well.

People often think of hiring a commercial cleaning service as a luxurious lifestyle. It could be seen as a waste of money and not worth the cost because office cleaning price is high. But, these services can save your business money in the long run.

A clean and neat space helps people be more productive. It keeps their minds healthy and makes them feel less stressed. If your office is cluttered and messy, the best thing to do is hire a professional office cleaning service.

About Combat Cleaning LLC

We are a cleaning company that offers services to businesses and homes in the Wisconsin area. We are a family-owned and operated company and take pride in our work. We also provide emergency services for water damage restoration and mold remediation.

Our goal is to give our customers the best possible service and surpass their expectations. We are licensed and insured, and we only use eco-friendly products. We are a perfect fit for your search for “business office cleaning services near me.”

For more details about our company or to schedule a free estimate, please contact us today at (843) 694-7248.

Combat Cleaning LLC Offers The Following Services:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Empty waste cans and replace liners. All carpets and mats should be vacuumed. All hard floors should be vacuumed. All horizontal surfaces of desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture should be dusted. Using a damp cloth, disinfect all horizontal surfaces. Disinfect all hard floors with a disinfectant mop.

Professional Office Cleaning for a Healthier Workplace Regular professional office cleaning, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and other cleaning, can improve the health of your workplace by reducing the presence of bacteria, germs, and allergens.

House cleaning services can be priced by the hour. The national hourly rate for a cleaner ranges from $25 to $90. Examine your competitors’ prices and base yours on them. To get the most accurate cleaning prices, it’s a good idea to calculate the price per square foot.

Cleaning 2000 – 2500 square feet takes ONE PERSON ONE HOUR on average. If the medical facility has a large scope of work and requires a lot of sanitation, the square footage may be reduced to less than 2000 square feet per hour to do the job properly.

The average office should be deep cleaned twice a year, or once if the budget does not allow for more.

They can range from $15 to $50 per hour, or 0.01 to 0.40 per square foot, depending on the type of work that needs to be done and can be provided, as well as whether it fits into the company’s daily expenditure budget.

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