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Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Services | Fitchburg Wisconsin

Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Services | Fitchburg Wisconsin|Top Rated
Clean Work Environments Matters

Standard Cleaning In Fitchburg Wisconsin

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping hard surfaces
  • Dusting general surfaces
  • Cleaning all surfaces as needed
  • Glass surfaces, not including windows
  • Collect basic waste and recyclable items
  • Restroom floors, counters, sinks, toilets
  • High touched surfaces

Deep Cleaning In Fitchburg Wisconsin

  • Dust/Sanitize all out of reach areas (vents, ceiling fixtures etc.. )
  • Dust/Sanitize all walls and windowsills
  • Clean disinfect surfaces in areas such as all breakroom, common areas, offices to include counter tops, fixtures, appliance handles or knobs)
  • Disinfect all high tough areas
  • Moving items to vacuum/sweep/mop
  • Sweeping/Moping all restroom floors. Sanitize all sinks, dispensers, benches, stall doors and handles.
  • *Deep cleaning procedures includes the standard procedures as well
Specialty Cleaning
Prevention Of Accidents

Specialty Cleaning In Fitchburg Wisconsin

  • We know that not everyone’s cleaning needs are the same!
  • We don’t mind mixing it up, not all facilities are the same. We know that what might be normal cleaning for your facility might not be normal for most others. Our team is flexible and is great with change. Have a specific daily clean you cant seem to get done alone?
  • Let Combat Cleaning help!
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