Combat Cleaning, LLC

About Us

We are a commercial cleaning company that prides itself on providing excellent service at an affordable rate. We are not just here to provide you with ordinary cleaning, but to make it a personal goal of ours to fix the problems and pain you might be having within the area of our expertise.

Our team understands something as basic as cleaning can be a timely and inconvenient task and recognize that time is the most valuable commodity to our clients. By giving us the great opportunity to provide a great service and become a necessity to your business, we in return allow you to focus on the values and resources you provide within your community.

Therefore by choosing to hire our team, you will also be able to maintain a clean and safe environment for your team.

Offer Affordable Rates

Our Pledge

Our mission at Combat Cleaning is to become the ultimate cleaning provider, by giving a flawless cleaning experience to every client. Never to forget that the growth of our company relies on the important one on one relationship we have with our clients. We know that not every cleaning technician or client is alike, we thrive to treat every client and cleaning technician as part of the family.

As a veteran owned company, we know that no matter how small the mission may be, everyone deserves our complete attention.

Take Back Your Time!

Combat Cleaning knows what is most valuable to our clients and that is their time. Let us help you take back your time. When it comes to cleaning leave it to the professionals.

Get the company that gets you. We aren’t just clean we solve problems!

The Difference

Combat Cleaning separates itself from our competitors, due to the fact our cleaning process is based on a fair and affordable hourly rate on most occasions. Rates may change to a flat fee depending on size and other account specifics.

All billing can vary depending on client’s service request. Pricing is also subject to changes depending on client’s additional request or unique supplies needed to complete and preform an adequate job.

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